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Few (financial) products are as long-term as a mortgage. When choosing the right type and conditions, it is therefore wise to not take any chances or risks. You need to be sure that your choice suits your current as well as future circumstances. Our experienced mortgage advisors explain your options in understandable terms and from a fresh perspective and always create an honest and clear picture of the associated financial impacts. Because we are not associated with any particular lenders at all we are not bound to any agreements or arrangements and can always put your personal interests first! This appears to work well because our clients describe us as a company whose “financial advice and final financial solution found was of excellent quality and made to measure”. 
A means not a burden
Our legally qualified mortgage advisors are equipped with all of the necessary and current knowledge of fiscal legislation and acceptable standards related to the various mortgage lenders. We always offer personalised and customised advice. We create a financial inventory of your options together with you and provide you with a clear report of calculations which includes any (financial) advantages and disadvantages. This helps to ensure that your mortgage is what it should be: a seamless and suitable means for you to achieve your goal and not a burden that you need to bear for many years to come. If you want us to, we will also help you when handling any additional formalities, such as contacts with the bank, choosing a solicitor and completing your tax statement.
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Complete service provision
Apart from arranging mortgages, our office also specialises in property purchases as well as sales and rentals. We can also assist you with insurance. Because of our independent position, every financier is of equal relevance to us and we can provide you with objective advice to optimally suit your own personal circumstances. You can also come to us for property Valuations.
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