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These days, the internet can show you real estate properties in such an up-to-date and detailed way that it may sometimes seem as if you will no longer need Real Estate Agents. However, when purchasing a house – one of the most important decisions of your life – you do actually enter into  unknown territory. Most people decide to find a new home based on both rational as well as emotional grounds. At this time, it does help to have a supportive, independent, objective and experienced Agent at your side, who is able to assess any transaction through a fresh set of eyes. An expert who knows the market and the region like the back of his hand and who has recently been selected by the NVM as one of the leading Real Estate Agents of the Hague! An agent who is recognised as being a service provider; “with extensive professional knowledge and who is always customer focused”, as one of our clients wrote on his service evaluation form.
Our priority is to find you a property that suits you, where you can enjoy living and working if necessary. A property bought at the right price, so that your purchase matches your financial circumstances and future plans just as much as your feelings. Our expertise, experience, understanding of the market and our broad regional network will ensure that you can find what you are looking for: your ideal home for a fair and reasonable price!
Feel free to call us for an appointment. We would be happy to make your acquaintance and to hear about your wishes, needs and options. If you feel happy about our approach, we can assist you with at least the following steps:
  • We inspect the property of your choice together with you, carefully check for any associated risks and possibilities and advise you regarding a fair market value.
  • We undertake necessary legal research at the Lands Titles Registry (for easements, etc.).
  • We assess the need for a building inspection if necessary and if required, we organise this via an architectural appointment.
  • We negotiate in close consultation on your behalf about the purchase price, the transfer and any additional terms or conditions.
  • We review the purchase contract/agreement, which is generally prepared by the vendor’s broker, and thoroughly go through this with you.
  • If necessary we can recommend a good solicitor to you; some offer competitive fees when we refer our property purchasing clients to them.
  • We check the proposed transfer documentation prepared by the solicitor.
  • Prior to formal transfer we inspect the property together with you.
  • If you wish, we can also accompany and support you during the formal property transfer appointment with the solicitor. 
Complete service provision
Apart from purchasing real estate our office also specialises in selling and rentals. We can also assist you with mortgages as well as insurance. Because of our independent position, every financier is of equal relevance to us and we can provide you with objective advice to optimally suit your own personal circumstances. You can also come to us for assistance with property Valuations. As your Real Estate Agent we can arrange an independent Valuer for you who can provide the legally required Valuation Report to the Bank (who needs this completed by a Party not actively involved in the sale or purchase of the property).  

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