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If you want to buy or renovate a home or increase an existing mortgage, the value of your property should be formally evaluated and recorded in a legal Valuation Report. In response to problems in the recent past, in which regulated mortgages were provided at more than 100% of the Valuation price, Banks have become more cautious in approving new mortgage loans.
Being able to have confidence in the Valuation, and in the office that produces this, is now probably more important than ever. Our office is completely independent and can offer you an objective, realistic estimate of the value of your property. Because of our in-depth market knowledge in and around the Hague we are an ideal party to arrange Property Valuations here for individuals, banks, insurers, investors, courts, inheritances and international companies.
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NWWI Valuation
The Dutch Property Value Institute (NWWI Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut) aims to guarantee the quality of Property Valuation Reports. Most major lenders actually demand a NWWI-validated report these days. The NWWI protects the quality of both the Valuation as well as of the affiliated Valuers by continuous monitoring. This means, among other things, that we must be able to substantiate the Valuation value according to uniform and strict guidelines, so this makes the Valuation process transparent for you.
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Complete service provision
Apart from managing property valuations our office also specializes in property purchases as well as sales and rentals. We can also assist you with mortgages as well as insurance. Because of our independent position, every financier is of equal relevance to us and we can provide you with objective advice to optimally suit your own personal circumstances. 


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