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We are happy to assist you in finding a tenant to rent your property. By using our thorough knowledge of the market in and around the Hague, plus our related network (developed over 29 years) we are able to quickly discover all options. You want a reliable tenant who takes care and responsibly of your property and rents for (at least) the agreed rental period.
A realistic estimate of potential rental value and optimal presentation of the property are important; as is confidence in the agent acting on your behalf regarding the rental process.
An expert who knows the market like the back of his hand. Someone who is “professional, business like and thorough as well as people focused”, as one of our clients stated about us on his service evaluation form.
Together with you, we discuss the required rental price, determine conditions ('unfurnished, partly/soft furnished or furnished’) and the profile of your 'ideal' tenant. To prevent potential fraud we always screen tenants thoroughly. If there is genuine interest and we believe that there is a potential match, we establish contact and we assist you in negotiations to achieve the best outcome. We record all agreements in a Rental Contract clearly stating tenant and landlord responsibilities and any other agreements that were made. If you wish, we will prepare a property inspection report, in which the condition of the property is accurately recorded. We can also put you in touch with the right Property Manager for your situation.
Optimal presentation of your home on the internet and via social media takes priority in our approach. By using our extensive media package your property will receive a higher priority in search results of the largest home sites. Images, particularly video clips, are becoming increasingly important in this. We work with professionals who know those particular details in which buyers are mostly interested – and use this perspective in their photography and filming. Over the years we have found that the following mix of resources produce the best results:
  • An extensive advertising process for your property together with a description in both Dutch and English, including 360° photos, video and maps on Funda and any other relevant homes site
  • Representation on our own website and mobile website.
  • Descriptions on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).
  • Rental brochure with a link to our digital safe with additional relevant information.
  • An advert in the window of our office.
  • A clear and well placed “FOR RENT” sign in your garden and/or window.
During the renting process we will take care of the following things:
  • We will determine the asking price together with you and take care of the comprehensive presentation as described above.
  • We will advise you on preparing your home for the sale. The first impression counts, so sometimes it will help to repair small things such as a leaking sink or jammed doors. Reorganizing the garden or replacing furniture, all this will improve the renting.
  • The viewings will be coordinated and carried out by our office. Because of our excellent office management it is very easy to reach us so an appointment for a viewing is made in a second. After the viewing we will provide feedback to you so you will know how it went.
  • As soon as we get an offer, the negotiations will start. Also on this subject we will take care of everything, we will negotiate on your behalf. You will always be in control, because every step is first discussed with you and you are the one that decides for what price your home will be rented out. In the meanwhile we will gather as much information as we can from the lessee: who’s the employer, is the income enough compared to the rental price, how many residents will the lessee bring and those kind of things.
  • As soon as the negotiations are finished there will be consensus about the price and other conditions such as the date of commencement and other conditions. All these conditions will be documented in the rental agreement, which we will thoroughly go through together before you sign. If the lessees did not hire their own real estate agent we will explain the rental agreement to them.
  • The final step is the inspection on the date of commencement. We will make an comprehensive report with photos of the condition of your house. If necessary, the report can be used when the lessee is leaving to compare the final condition of the house with the beginning.
Complete service provision
Apart from managing real estate rental our office also specialises in property purchases and sales. We can also assist you with mortgages as well as insurance. Because of our independent position, every financier is of equal relevance to us and we can provide you with objective advice to optimally suit your own personal circumstances. You can also come to us for assistance with property Valuations.
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